A Day from Hell

I’m having a day from Hell. Like, literally, Satan picked my house on a map and said, “Oh, let’s mess with her a bit today, shall we?” and his minions let out peals of evil laughter as they flew through the morning light to land on my eaves.

I have a two room lighting project going on that should have been a LOT easier than this is going. I have a dog that is normally NOT a destructive goober. I have a cat who…well, no. He’s always a pain in my @$$. But I love him to bits. So, he’s as usual. But it’s USUALLY only him. He looks like an angel. And he is, but there are times he is a pill.


This? Is nothing to do with him. He’s lounging peacefully, and frankly, I’d like to be a cat for a couple hours and nap in the afternoon sun patch coming through the window. It’s not  …it’s everything else. I’m just trying to stay calm through the madness of today. It’ll be done and then I’ll laugh. Heck, I’m mostly laughing now, but I’m pretty frustrated, too.
Well, it’s like Scarlett said, “…tamarrah is anotha day…” Let’s just hope Satan takes Thanksgiving off.
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